Living Water
Prayer and Conversation Guide #4 of 8
Based on sermon: “Living Water”
1. What does it tell you about Jesus that He “had to go through Samaria”? (John 4:4)
2. At first this woman was totally preoccupied with who she was (John 4:9).
She was stuck on old labels, barriers and past hurts. Has this ever happened to you?
Have you ever missed out on the blessings of God because of preoccupation with junk from the past?
3. Read John 4:10. How well do you “know” or understand the “gift of God?”
Do you fully grasp the gift of salvation—the gift that is Jesus?
If not, what gets in the way of your understanding it?
4. Do you agree that those who are thirstiest are those who have only accepted half the gospel
— the forgiveness part, but not the transformation part?
Discuss the condition of having one foot in heaven and the other on a banana peel.
What does that mean to you and do you identify with this condition?
5. Read verses 11, 12. Do you ever question how Jesus is going to make good on His promises to you?
Do you ever put limits on His power by thinking your hurts or circumstances are “too deep”?
6. If all that’s required for us to have “living water” is to ask,
why do we pray and pray and ask and ask and still feel as dry spiritually as ever?
Is Jesus lying or is there something else that’s wrong?
7. The woman responds out of her felt needs in verse 15.
Have you ever felt this way?
You keep doing the same things again and again, but they don’t satisfy.
Describe this kind of “thirst.”
8. Why doesn’t Jesus stop here and minister to those felt needs?
Why does He go “deeper?”
9. There are two revelations in Christianity:
the revelation of God and the revelation of ourselves.
Is it true that “We will never see Jesus for who He is without first seeing ourselves for who we really are?”
10. Would you like to drink the water that Jesus offers?
Pray and simply ask for it, and thank Him for it now by faith.

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