Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
Prayer and Conversation Guide #3 of 8
Based on sermon: “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?”
1. Why do you think outcasts and cast offs were attracted to Jesus and He to them?
2. Have you ever felt more comfortable outside the church than inside? Explain.
3. What do Christians and members of the church need to understand most about people who
avoid church and religion? What do those outside the church need to understand about
4. What makes you comfortable or uncomfortable about the statement: “Jesus is the God who
accepts sinners.”
5. Discuss the statement: “Many Christians are more likely to reserve acceptance
have cleaned up their act; but Jesus reserved judgment on sinners who responded by cleaning up
their act.”
6. Have you ever felt like Zacchaeus? An outcast? What did you believe about God during the
time you felt that way? How did Christians help or hurt?
7. What are some of the things that have gotten in your way of seeing Jesus? What do you learn
from Zacchaeus about letting the “crowd” block your view?
8. Is there a hypocrite staring back at you in the mirror? How does God treat us when we fall
“short” of His expectations?
9. What does Zacchaeus teach you about faith and taking risks? What are the “risks” of grace and
10. What did sharing a meal with someone mean in Jesus’ day? Read Rev. 3:20. What does it
mean to you that Jesus wants to share a meal with you? Have you “received” Him gladly?

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