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28 April

Emergency Preparedness with Deborah Needham

Deborah Needham is the Emergency Management Director for the City of Renton. She has been managing disasters for nearly two decades. She began her public safety career as a paramedic in the Portland Metro Area in the...


21 April

International Day 2018

Join us as we celebrate our cultural diversity and enjoy a rich celebration of good international food. Come prepared with your traditional outfits and bring a dish to share. Don't forget to invite your friends and...

Renton Seventh-Day Adventist Church

14 April

Boot Camp for the Last Days

As Christians, we not only serve a risen savior, but a returning savior. He came out of the tomb to sanctify us, and He’s coming back again to claim us as His own. In the meantime, how should we...

Renton Seventh-Day Adventist Church

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