He Stinks
Prayer and Conversation Guide #5 of 8
Based on sermon: “He Stinks!”
1. Why didn’t Jesus go to Lazarus immediately after hearing the news of his illness?
How do you feel about God when your prayers aren’t answered immediately?
2. Read John 11:4.
Is it fair for God to allow the family and friends of Lazarus
to go through the grief of loss just so He can get glory?
If God has to get glory at the expense and pain of those who love him,
doesn’t that make Him to be egotistical and cruel?
3. In verse 14 Jesus tells the disciples plainly that Lazarus is dead
and says he was glad he wasn’t there.
Why was he “glad” he wasn’t there?
4. Jesus loved Martha and Mary and Lazarus, yet Lazarus got sick and died.
If when bad things happen to God’s people it doesn’t mean Jesus doesn’t love us,
what does it mean?
5. Explain Jesus’ statement in verse 25 of John 11.
What does this mean to you?
6. When Mary finds Jesus, she says the same thing her sister said,
“If only…” but stopped short of Martha’s “But even now” faith.
Explain the difference between the two.
Share an example of when you’ve had one or both of these types of faith.
7. What do Jesus’ tears at the tomb tell you about God?
Does a God who cries comfort you or offend you? Why?
8. Why is it easier for God to raise the dead than to change hearts?
When it comes to your own heart, do you think God weeps or rejoices?
9. Have you ever felt like there was a situation in your life that was beyond all hope?
A situation that just seemed as far gone as Lazarus after four days in the grave?
Have you ever seen the power of God in such a situation? Share.
10. Which character in this story do you most identify with?
Martha? Mary? Lazarus? The disciples? The mourners? Jesus? The Jews?
How are we all like Lazarus?
11. What “grave clothes” are keeping you from walking freely in newness of life?

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