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Seven Last Words II : The Promise of Paradise

9 Apr 2019 0 Comment Randy Maxwell
Have you ever heard the gospel being told by a condemned criminal? That’s what we heard this past Sabbath from the thief on the cross as we continued our...

Identity Theft

9 Apr 2019 0 Comment Randy Maxwell
Do you know who you are…and whose you are? On Sabbath our topic was “Identity Theft” and the spiritual deception that Jesus warned about in the last...

When God Shows up

6 Mar 2019 0 Comment Randy Maxwell
Whether you realize it or not, God has already shown up for you today. Why not praise Him right now for His immediate presence with you now? On Sabbath, we...

Devoted: Take Your Best Shot

6 Mar 2019 0 Comment Randy Maxwell
Are you giving this day, and Jesus, your “best shot”? On Sabbath we took our lesson from a dying prophet, a grieving young king, and a bow and some arrows....

Bring Back That Loving Feeling

8 Feb 2019 0 Comment Randy Maxwell
On Sabbath we explored the meaning of first love and how to revive it in a message entitled, “Bring Back That Loving Feeling.”   Rewind to Rev....
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