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The Pearl

6 Mar 2021 0 Comment Randy Maxwell

A Love Story

27 Feb 2021 0 Comment Karen Stopsen

Greater Things: Throne Life

6 Feb 2021 0 Comment Randy Maxwell
We are unlocking the secrets of “Throne Life” that the disciples experienced after Pentecost, fulfilling Jesus’s promise that they would do “greater...

Is There Not A Cause

23 Jan 2021 0 Comment Randy Maxwell
Your passion for the cause of Christ is fueled or fizzled by what you see and hear on a daily basis. That is one of the main takeaways from this message, “Is...

What is Truth

16 Jan 2021 0 Comment Randy Maxwell
Truth matters. We are examining the conversations between Jesus and Pilate recorded in John 18-19 to get an answer to the timeless question: “What is...

Strange Fruit

9 Jan 2021 0 Comment Randy Maxwell
Words matter. That is the main takeaway from this message as we go to the Word of God for perspective on the chaos at the capitol and in our world. Proverbs...
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