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Hallelujah Anyhow

21 Nov 2020 0 Comment Randy Maxwell
We are taking lessons on giving thanks in hard times from the prophet Habakkakuk. Sometime between 612 and 588 BC, Habakkuk’s nation, Judah, was in crisis....

Dangerous Prayer 4: Send Me

7 Nov 2020 0 Comment Randy Maxwell
We are concluding the “Dangerous Prayers” series with the dangerous prayer, “Send Me.” In his book, Dangerous Prayers, Craig Groeschel asks, “What if...

Dangerous Prayer 3: Break Me

31 Oct 2020 0 Comment Randy Maxwell
If “Search Me” and “Wake Me” are dangerous prayers, “Break Me” takes it to a whole different level. It goes without saying that this third prayer...

Dangerous Prayers 2: Wake Me

24 Oct 2020 0 Comment Randy Maxwell
We continue the Dangerous Prayers series pointing out two reasons we need to pray prayers that invite investigation, surrender and change: 1) To clear the way...

Stay in the Jesus Boat

3 Oct 2020 0 Comment Randy Maxwell
We learn a lesson in faith from “The Jesus Boat.” Rewind to Mark 4:35-41. Jesus and His disciples are going to the “other side” of the lake by boat. In...

Out of Egypt 19: What Mean These Stones?

26 Sep 2020 0 Comment Randy Maxwell
We conclude the Out of Egypt sermon series and considere the meaning of the Exodus drama and its implications for us today. The failure of the first generation...
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