What is "Encounters with Jesus"?

What is “Encounters with Jesus”? It is true stories of people like you and me who have met Jesus and their lives were never the same. Sound interesting? Encounters with Jesus is an opportunity to start from scratch and get to know the real Jesus without all the religious trappings that get people all fouled up. If you count yourself in the category of “none of the above” in religious affiliation, or “I’ve heard it all before,” this eight-part series is your chance to come and see for yourself who Jesus is and what difference He makes in your life today. We promise you He’s not what you think, but everything you hoped. Come Encounter Jesus.

Sermon titles

  • Sunday, March 28 – “The Word and the Voice” (Jesus and John the Baptist)
  • Monday, March 29 – “The Rabbi and the Pharisee” (Jesus and Nicodemus)
  • Tuesday, March 30 – “Living Water and the Thirsty Woman” (Jesus and the Woman of Samaria)
  • Wednesday, March 31 – “The Master and the Rich Young Ruler” (Jesus and the Rich man)
  • Thursday, April 1 – “The Storm Chaser and the Grave Dweller” (Jesus and the Demoniac)
  • Friday, April 2 – “The Resurrection and the Life and Death” (Jesus and Lazarus)
  • Saturday morning, April 3 – “The Truth and the Distracted” (Jesus and Pilate)
  • Saturday evening, April 3 – “The King and the Thief” (Jesus and the Thief on the cross)
  • Sunday, April 4 – “The Prince and the Persecutor” (Jesus and Paul)

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