Experience Jesus

Not what you expect, but everything you hoped

Experience Jesus is an opportunity to hit the “reset button” on your assumptions about God, get unstuck from the past, and refresh your relationship with him. It’s a faith “do-over” in one week of your life that could change everything.


Whether you know Jesus or not; whether unchurched or de-churched; whether burned out or mildly curious; a doubter or a disciple, Experience Jesus is a community conversation open to all for the purpose of growth through sharing our stories against the backdrop of the greatest story ever told. Not sure what to think? Come and see!

Experience Jesus – Renton from Relevant Seminars on Vimeo.


Easter week only – April 14-21 @ 7pm


Nightly Topics:


Apr 14 “Experience Forgiveness”


Apr 15 “Experience Deliverance”


Apr 16 “Experience Radical Faith”


Apr 17 “Experience Rest”


Apr 18  No Meeting


Apr 19 “Experience Rescue” (Special “Good Friday” Service)


Apr 20 “Experience the Resurrection and the Life”


Apr 21 “Experience Jesus Again…Forever!” (Easter Sunday)



6:55 – Music

7:00 – 7:50 – Message (Children’s Meeting at the same time)

8:00 – 8:30 – Snack, Nightly prize drawings & dialogue



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What to Expect


A friendly, non-judgmental space in which to explore your feelings and questions about Jesus—who he is and what’s the real meaning of Easter. Expect a warm welcome, lots of smiles, and a relaxed, family atmosphere.


We value being members of our community and want everyone to know about God’s plan for their lives.


The Meetings Themselves


The meetings begin promptly at 7:00 each night but come early to get the kids settled in their Kids Xperience Jesus (KXJ) program. A friendly KXJ representative will guide you to the Children’s location. You’ll receive a program with a connection card inserted. There will be instructions given during the meeting on what to do with that card. Then grab a seat in the main auditorium and join in the singing at 6:55. Come from work. Come as you are. Come curious. Come with questions. Just come!


The messages will be contemporary, Bible-based, and designed to provoke thought, further study, and discussion.


After the main message and a short break at 8:00, there will be a more open, “round-table” discussion of the topic that was just presented. Questions are encouraged so that we can dialogue and learn together. Who Jesus is, and His relevance to our lives will be the theme of each meeting.


What About the Kids?


Bring them! We love children and have some of the best children’s ministry leaders in Renton. When you come, you will be shown where KXJ takes place. You will sign your child in, and then you can join the adult meeting in the auditorium knowing that your child is in good hands until you meet up again at 8:30.


If you choose to keep your child with you, grab a “Sabbath Bag” from the children’s area. They are filled with safe, quiet activities for toddlers and preschoolers. And if the little ones do get restless, a safe, well-equipped nursery and training room is available for your use just to the rear of the meeting room.


Experience Jesus Home “Watch Parties”


Whether you watch at home by yourself or host a Watch Party, you can bring the Experience Jesus with Randy Maxwell event to your community!

On April 14, 2019, we invite you to join Speaker, Randy Maxwell and various worship artists, for live-streamed, Easter week event! People will gather from all over for this one week teaching and worship event. If you can’t make the live meetings, watch at home by yourself or invite your small group, coworkers, neighbors, or best friends over to watch with you!

If you are planning to watch with a group, you can add participants by changing the number in the quantity box to reflect the number of people in your group. Registration will stay open until April 14, 2019, for any walk-ons you may have on your event day.

Registration Includes:

  • Access to Simulcast Live Event Feed
  • Access to tips for “Watch Party” hosts, and nightly discussion guides.
  • On-Demand Access for up to 30 days AFTER the Live Event

Questions may be submitted to: randy@hopefortoday.life.



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